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Why You Should Hire Me to Design Your Kitchen

February 16, 2018

If you’re thinking of getting a new kitchen installed this year I can understand the excitement you will be feeling of what it will be like when its all new and shiny, but I can also sense the trepidation of what’s involved especially around the costs and the building work. 


When you invite me to design your kitchen I will talk you through every step of the way and try to make it as easy as possible, from the first ideas and concept, through getting organised with the contractors and getting the final design just right, both functionally and financially.


I’m Flexible

Have a read of my blog about what you can expect when you hire me to get a flavour of the way I work, but one nice thing about hiring me is that I can really be flexible. Because I work for myself and don’t have permanent staff or a showroom to maintain I can adjust my service to suit you and your needs.


I do have a kitchen manufacturer that I use but because I think it is important that I charge for my design fee, as that’s why you’ve come to me, I don’t need to give you the hard sell on the kitchen itself and can design exactly what you need within your budget.


Therefore, I am just as happy designing a great concept for you to take to which ever kitchen manufactures you choose, as I am carrying the whole project through from start to finish.


The Showroom Visit

The kitchen manufactures that I use have a beautiful showroom in Newton Aycliffe, and one part of my full package is to take a visit. Its not open to the general public, you can only get access through someone like me!


It’s a lovely environment and we will get treated to a nice cup of tea or coffee, over which I would talk you through my initial ideas and concepts. After that you have the chance to look around and I will follow pointing things out and noting your reactions, both positive and negative, so that I can design a kitchen just right for you.


We will probably need to pop back for another visit at some point once we start taking about specifics such as interiors, handles and worktops.


On a personal note I was the interior stylist during the building of their latest range, ‘Alchemy’, firstly as assistant to the art director for the brochure and then then in the showroom itself. This means that I know the showroom extremely well and can explain it clearly.


My Interior Design Experience

As an interior designer the first thing I will be considering is the function of the kitchen and how you will use it. The function of the room is the most important thing, because something beautiful that doesn’t work is art and therefore can’t be used!


When I was an interior designer for Ikea I designed 5 different kitchens for the showroom, and even then we had an imaginary client with their own needs and the kitchen was designed with them in mind.


The second thing that I can really assist with is that I wont just consider the kitchen but the colour and function of the back splash, the paint choice, the worktop and flooring colours and materials, the lighting, and if required the rest of the room!


I will also use my interior design knowledge and the kitchen ranges to design any style you choose whether that’s high end modern to cosy country.


I Cook!

This might seem obvious but who wants to have someone design their kitchen who doesn’t regularly use one themselves?!


I have a busy family kitchen with 4 hungry mouths to feed, including my own, and most of the food is cooked from scratch by me.


I understand how much space will be required to cook a roast dinner, I know how many appliances we like to have stashed away and what its like when you decide you really must get the ice cream maker out after a year….I know about batch cooking, cooking with kids, cooking for get-togethers not to mention the cleaning up after!


So, when you hire me you can be confident that I not only understand what a kitchen requires, but that I will use all my experience and resources to design a great kitchen for you and your home that works well and looks beautiful. Get in touch to start discussing your project today.




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